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Cozy comforts

Allow yourself to be swept off your feet by the charms of Spokane's most historic site. Enjoy a hot cup of tea as you marvel at the wild life outside your window. Find yourself captivated by the culinary delights whipped up daily on our premises. Whatever your preference is for food or comfort, rest assured it will be handled smoothly and in good taste...and it'll taste good!

Nature's splendor

Stare in wonder as thick, gorgeous snowflakes coat the ground in fluffy grandeur. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling as you build a snowman, go for a ski, or make a snow angel in Washington's beautiful winter wonderland. In the summer, you can sit back and swing happily in the big, cushy hammocks provided for your comfort. No matter what season you choose, many seasonal activities await you. In all season's you'll be sure to admire and enjoy the natural surrounding beauty. Call today to learn more about affordable rates for your priceless moments. 

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